Mushroom beef macka  


這是大路跟大路媽要來的食譜, 經過實地演練再做調整寫出來的. 


中文版等我有空慢慢來翻 :D 


Czech mushroom sauce:

Knedliky (Bread Dumplings) with Beef and Mushroom Sauce (Czech Dish)

Ingredients for Sauce:


1/2 onion

2 portabella fresh mushrooms

2 small cans on canned mushrooms

4 table spoons of all purpose flower.

$7 of beef chuck roast

1 cup of milk


Ingredients for Dumplings:

1 egg

1/2 small package of yeast

1.25 cups of warm milk

1 wondra flour

1 diner roll

1 tea spoon of baking soda


Steps for Sauce

in the bottom of the pressure cooker, sauté half chopped up onion and fresh portabella mushroom on oil. Then add the cubed beef and sauté a bit till the edges start to cook.

Add water to the cooker to the top of the meat.

Run pressure cooker for 19 min.



after the pressure cooker is done, remove the meat onto a plate and let sit.


while that’s happening, prep a larger pot with oil and 4 table spoons of all purpose flour. Open 2 cans with mushrooms and 1 cup of milk.


Mix till it turns into a paste (do not burn it), then add caned mushrooms, with liquid included, and 1 cup milk and keep stirring, after some time, under low heat, it will start to thicken, then start adding the liquid with mushrooms from the pressure cooker with a big dipper spoon. keep stirring and adding the liquid, this will thin the sauce so you may most likely not use all the liquid but make sure to get all the onion and mushrooms out of it.


when the desired viscosity is reached and you done mixing then you can add the meat. Do not stur fast or the meat will break apart.


The sauce is done. let it cool before you serve.


Steps for Dumplings:


boil a big pot of water

put 1 can wondra, 1 tea spoon baking soda, and a pinch of salt into a mixing bowl.

mix half pack of yeast into a warm cup of milk until the yeast dissolves.

ad this mix to stuff in the bowl and mix till make the dough.

with the dough just about looking complete, mix in the tiny cubed pieces of the one dinner roll.

after its all done, make 2 small bread rolls out of the dough, these will have to fit into the boyling water pot.

mushroom beef macka

put the 2 bread rools into the boyling water. boil them 8 min on one side and then turn and boil for another 8 min.

after that, take them out and poke 4 holes into each to let the steam out.

while they are hot, use sewing string to slice up the bread rolls into 1/2-3/4 inch slices.



all done


put 2 or 3 dumplings on a dinner plate and cover half with the meat and mushroom sauce.


Mushroom beef macka  

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