I wish you good health which needs "effort"
I wish you know "how to love yourself" because people will love you only when you love yourself
I wish you have wisdom to arrange a good "life".
I wish you have the "power" to conquer challanges of life.
I wish you understand that "there is no free lunch in life"
I wish you good luck which is important
嘮叨! Sigh!  I wish you understand.

Don't forget your dad's birthday and Taiwan is a day ahead!


Oh, I understand, mom,

Thank you so much for everything,

And I wish you healthy and beautiful and young forever and no need to worry about me and Chad (that I know it's us need to work harder~ haha ).

And, Dad!

Happy Birthday to you too~

I also wish you healthy and happy and young!

I got you something and hopefully you will like it~


I LOVE YOU, dear Mom and Dad!!!!!



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